The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy

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My FREE craps betting system, taking different known systems and building them into one. Please test, revise, and comment. Help me make the Iron Crapper a safe and, solid betting system!

Good Day all. Its been a couple years since i’ve replied to this video. Man over 100k! Interesting. So I do have a revised system that uses less money with a lot less risk but has the same principal. However, I don’t have my craps table anymore. Ill have to find some craps software and show it to you on that. Please be patient with me!

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The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy

10 thoughts on “The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy

  1. I was exited, you stimulated my brain cells, thinking you made all that money that you counted in so little time, until you said, i made a total of $30 bucks… I was like..!!! Btw i'm not a gambler, but i cheer for those who have the guts to play and win.. I see life as a gamble already when you drive to work you don't what's going to happen. You don't even know if you'll be alive next day. I must say though, i've been playing and making 6k to 9k per mth for the past 7 years, take home that is… All i have to do is invest my time driving trucks!!! So far i haven't had a 7 rolled yet…thank god!!! If you know what i mean…

  2. Could you lay a $5 don't pass for the come out followed up by backing it with odds to minimize the potential loss on the come out 7?

  3. There’s a reason this game is called Craps. Because that’s all say on your way home after you loose your rent money

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