The Other Side of Midnight Interview with Dominator May 2021

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WABC a New York based radio stations Other SIde of Midnight host Frank Morano interviews the Dominator and they talk about Doms New book which will be his last he says, the book titled Golden Touch Craps The Complete Guide To Winning at Craps is available on his web site

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The Other Side of Midnight Interview with Dominator May 2021

10 thoughts on “The Other Side of Midnight Interview with Dominator May 2021

  1. But your advantage in Craps depends on how well you throw the dice. You also have to know how your dice react to the table you play on. The surface and the length of each table can vary. You also have to be aware of bets and odds of other players that your dice can hit and go off access.

  2. I seen your tv document and I love craps hard way and 3v set I’ve made money me lost money but still just trying to get good as you Dom

  3. Actually I haven’t played much Craps in the Casino. But I have dealt the game at fundraisers and casino night parties. One fallacy that I’ve encountered is that they want odds on come bets off on the come out roll. I can’t convince them that that’s the wrong way to play. It’s like not taking odds for one roll. So why not make a bet with no house advantage as often as possible. Especially bad for dice control shooters that are able to reduce the 7 from rolling. I have played blackjack though. I’m a musician. I play classical cello and have worked in Las Vegas in the show rooms in 1980-1981. But now I’m completely unemployed due to coronavirus laws. It takes lots of practice throwing dice well enough to reduce the 7 well enough to win. You should throw them 1000 times reducing the 7 before you risk money in a Casino.

  4. If you throw the dice differently on come out rolls so that the 7 comes up more often on come out rolls, then you should have odds on come bets off on come out rolls. But if you throw the dice the same way on all rolls, then the odds are the same on all rolls. That means that the odds will be the same on all rolls and your win rate on all bets will be the same on all rolls. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether it’s a come out roll for the pass line or the come out roll for any come bet you make or not a come out roll for any of your bets. Every bet is an separate and individual event and is never effected by any other bet when it comes to its win rate or loss rate in the long run. You can reduce variance with combinations of bets. This is true for all bets in all games. The biggest mistake is made in blackjack with the insurance bet. You can greatly reduce variance by taking insurance always when you have blackjack. Insurance should only be taken when the ratio of remaining cards is less than 2-1 non face cards to face cards, and it makes no difference what hand you have. So when you have odds off on come out rolls, you lose every time that you get paid on come bets without odds. When the 7 comes up, remember that all your come bets will lose. So if you have your odds are off on come out rolls, you are missing a positive EV bet in the long run. You will still win, with dice control, but at a lower rate and also with much less variance. The other mistake Craps players make is betting the C and E on come out rolls the insure their pass line bet against Craps. That reduces variance but increases the house advantage substantially. Again, your expected EV on the C and E bet is the same no matter when you make it, and it’s a totally separate event from your pass line bet. This is always true unless for some reason whether physical or psychological, you throw the dice differently on come out rolls. If a dealer asks me to have my odds off on come out rolls, I’ll ask the dealer if I can have my flat bet off as well. If the dealer say no, then my odds are always working. Each bet and each decision is a separate event. That means that the outcome of any bet you make is in no way effected by any past event. This is why no betting strategy, or combination of bets that you decide on can alter any mathematical percentage. In fact it won’t even dent it.

  5. But I have the greatest respect for what you have been able to accomplish in the came of Craps. Only very few have been able to master the technique of dice control well enough to beat the game. Many more have been able to successfully count cards at blackjack. But now, the casinos have made it much more difficult to beat blackjack. I played mainly against a single deck, or a four deck shoe with very deep penetration. Actually the MGM Grand was one of my favorite places to play before the fire.

  6. You have put in the necessary practice time perfecting your technique. So it’s easy for you now to beat the game. I dealt Craps at casino night parties. I arrived early so I could practice throwing the hard way set with the technique that you recommend. The tables that they use are smaller than casino size tables. I’d feel comfortable playing in a casino if I could throw 1000 times with fewer than average 7s. With a 1.7% advantage, you are only winning on pass line, come bets, and placing 6 and 8. All other bets on the table are losers. I can also imagine that proper posture while standing at the table will also help you control your arms and hands while throwing the dice. This is also true for playing the cello or any other musical instrument. I played at the Sahara Hotel with the Jack Eglash orchestra. I also played played at the Riviera and Caesar’s Palace. I played for Liberace at the Hilton Hotel as well. I played for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Las Vegas was lots of fun 40 years ago.

  7. Yes you are right. This is true when you have the dice. You should either reduce your bets when a random roller has the dice. Your 5 count strategy works well for that. Betting the don’t against random rollers also works. But ultimately you should not make any bets when a random roller has the dice. Your 5 count strategy allows you to take advantage of a lucky roll, every time it happens. Most random rollers will 7 out when in 6 rolls most of the time and you won’t lose anything when that happens.

  8. when he ask you how to hold the dice, he ask when the dice leave my hand my thumb and middle finger on opposite ends of the 2 dice is that corrcet? and you say thats right,,,,,,thats not correct Dom….you didnt listen to what he said exactly…..

  9. These guys sell "Seminars" and the "Idea" that you can learn something. If he were the best he would be rolling the dice as we speak. He's not banned from Every casino. That's a lie!

  10. Thank you for all these great info in the video, let me ask you, if you have $200 to invest per shooter , would you play ur dominant numbers assuming that they are 6/8 or come bets With full odds?

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