Trying the Flip Toss – Craps Dice Technique

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Learn to Shoot the ‘FLIP’ technique for Craps Dice. My 2nd Day trying it out, so recorded a 20 Roll Practice Session.

Recently watched a guy at the casino shoot this FLIP style (next to me) with pretty consistent results… So it made me curious to Try It Out too.

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Trying the Flip Toss – Craps Dice Technique

10 thoughts on “Trying the Flip Toss – Craps Dice Technique

  1. Awesome run on it. Great throw but I haven’t been able to link it up myself. You did hit the hards more than fandoms so I’d say you got a good thing going there

  2. Before your first toss, the thing that immediately crossed my mind is that even the slightest of the stickiness of your thumb and forefinger would cause the dice to pull apart as soon as it left your hand creating the potential for the dice to roll off-axis. Secondly, the mechanics of the back arm flip would likely cause the dice to not be parallel to the table or the back wall and the angle of release would also cause the dice to go toward the center of the table, not parallel to the rail. That was my prediction. Once I started watching your toss (in slow-motion) I could see I was right about all of that. However, you were beginning to adjust for the angle of the toss so that it would run parallel to the rail, so the landing was more on target, though not necessarily parallel to the back wall. While you were feeling bad about hitting Big Red… well, what do you expect? They don't call that dice set the "All Sevens" for nothing. 😉 The important thing to note isn't that your hitting 7's, but that you're not pitching off-axis. I counted a total of six times that either a 1 or a 6 came up, aces on one roll, so really only five tosses. When you think about it, that's once every 4 rolls. So, not bad at all, but some adjustments are definitely necessary, and 36 rolls would be a good standard. Nonetheless, this seems just a bit too unconventional for me. Might as well be a random shooter. 😉 Thanks for the demo! I enjoyed it and learned something new! 🙂

  3. Just spent 10 days in lasVegas staying downtown. 78 sessions at the dice table mostly throwing hardways set. Did not make a profit but managed to lose $ 157 only so a lot of fun for the money. My shot is fairly constant but it seams there is variance between the tables. Did okay at the D, the 4 Queens and the Plaza (very good there). Absolutely sucked at the Down Town Grand and the California. So so at Mainstreet Station. I guess the lesson is play more at the places you win at. Enjoyed the trip and really enjoy your videos. Have a good practice rig and brought back lots of precision dice from the Gamblers General Store. Not put off at all as see the potential and will continue to practice daily. If you wish to get in touch to swap ideas and/or stories would love to hear from you at uk. Happy shooting .

  4. I love the 3 camera set up, however the end of a table needs to be a high speed camera, with a super slo mo replay. Most newer phones can record in 960fps. Also your Hardways seem to happen when you are in the corner (mixing bowl). When you hit the flat part of the wall or if you dice splay too much, you get that "double pitch".

  5. I can see myself trying this and the dice going off the table and the stick man just giving me that stare

  6. i might try the 5 5 dice set. When i was at CEG doing the craps videos i was doing a 5 6 dice set. Did well had 5000+ in place bets

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