Using the Craps Iron Crapper

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Using the Craps Iron Crapper

10 thoughts on “Using the Craps Iron Crapper

  1. I put $3 on the 11 on the come out. It shouldn't take away much from winnings at only $3, and takes away 2 of the 8 risky numbers on the come out. It'll pay $45 so protects your come out

  2. I am not a professional gambler but here is a system I have been trying after watching the videos.
    On the Come Out roll bet 45 on the DP, 12 on Big Red and 3 on the E. This will cover a big loss but you will need to account for the 15 loss as you move forward. You can also play 11 on Big Red and 4 on E if you want to gamble a little.

    After the point is made if it is 4/5/9/10 then play the numbers as explained but don't play the field. Instead play $4 on the Horn or $1 on the 2/3/11/12. This will maximize your winnings on those numbers and loose you one less dollar. I have also been playing the Hard Way numbers this will have you playing $45 on the Don't Pass and $45 on the rest. I have been pleased at how often a 2/3/11/12 come up and I get paid a larger amount for those making up for not getting the 4,9, and 10 on the field. The positive of playing the hard Way numbers is that you don't lose your money unless the Easy number is hit so it is not a loss you need to account for every roll.

    If the number is a 6 or 8 then I only play the 5/6/8 and play the field for $5. I place $5-5, and $6 on the non 6 or 8, and $30 on the number. As 6 and 8 should hit sooner this give me a head start on covering my Don't Pass bet.

    Regardless of the number I work to build up the bet on the number to hit using some of my winnings for these rolls so that eventually I am at $25 4/10, $35 5/9, and $42 6/8. This helps cover my Don't Pass bet should the number be hit. Again remember that you are behind $15 from the Come Out roll. Once that is attained I just maintain for hopefully many rolls.

    Please let me know what you see with this strategy and any holes I might be missing. Any constructive advice is appreciated. I know that no betting strategy is guaranteed to win but it has been very reliable online and in the casino. One of the known weaknesses is a hot shooter who is hitting their number in the first few rolls consistently.

  3. Play the system against your own don't play them separate play them together you'll have to use paper and pencil for one of them. This is what I do hedge the come out with a 3dollar bet on the 11, then I play $2on the 2,3,11,12 next turn I up it $3 then $4 I do one more rotation that's 6 turns then every thing comes down I don't play the field remember the 7 comes up every so many rolls I have had more good days and break even days than losing days. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!P.S. keep on rolling  get it rolling later guys.

  4. If you want to maintain a bankroll of any kind for any length of time. DO NOT play the iron crapper. the risk far outweighs the reward. you hit two sevens in a row on the come out and you are looking at a bank roll killer

  5. waste of time. There is no real payoff unless multiple numbers are hit. Why risk the 42 on the DP? No payoff there. Field is a poor %% bet.The only winner is if a lot of numbers hit.
    It's a guaranteed loser.

  6. That’s a cool slow strategy….it seems that style is just waiting on the field to get hit with horns back to backs hit double the 10-4-9
    I’m working on a killer better than this one with place bets n hardways

  7. I'm very new to craps, so I am just curious if this would work.  Why not just put $10 on the DP, then put up 3, 4 or 5 times odds depending on the point to cover your place bets?  That way you only risk 10 on the come out instead of 42?  you might end up losing a few more dollars if you hit the point, but I think it is a lower risk for the come out.  Is this variation even worth trying?

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