What Does It Mean To Color Up In The Game of Craps

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What Does It Mean To Color Up In The Game of Craps? In this video we find out what it means to color up and why I named my channel Color Up. Color Up is a channel dedicated to the game of craps.

In This Video: I’m going to be covering a lot of topics for the beginner craps player, but hang in there, we will get into more advanced topics soon.
I will be covering how to play, all the different bets, odds and probabilities, money management, proper etiquette, tipping, taxes, the Dark side, Dice influence – is it real or fake? I plan to do a live roll once per week testing out different betting systems and strategies, I’ll be visiting casinos and giving you a tour / or summery. You can even follow along as I add to my collection of casino chips from all across the country.

I have a massive list of topics to cover, so make sure you subscribe, and share this with any of your buddies who are into craps. If you have something you want me to cover, put it down in the comments. Id love to hear from you.

I’ll see you at the tables, and good luck on coloring up!

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What Does It Mean To Color Up In The Game of Craps

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  1. Color up! heard from CryptoWolf. You've got a ton of great videos here sir. How about a topic about your personal favorite strategy to use and a story behind why? thanks!

  2. Dealers will also color up during the action for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons: because the bank is running low, you have a lot of chips in one denomination or the table might be closing soon and it makes it easier for the box to count to larger cheques such as $25 ones. Yes, to get you to play bigger but a good dealer will make sure that you plenty of smaller cheques too as to not slow the game down.

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