1 Hour Long Real Craps Game at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, real ASMR casino sounds

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Get ready to binge on the longest video of a real craps game, available anywhere, to date. Over 60 minutes of craps action at the hip and happenin’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


NOTE: There are some editing mistakes in the video related to the captioning. My apologies for those mistakes, as my staff are not craps players. Usually, I am the person who reviews the videos before final edit, but lately, I’ve been very busy with work and travel. My appreciation to those of you who support us though our RoadGambler.com main page. It allows me to employ the people who work on the RoadGambler videos and make these videos possible. Without your support, these videos and our content would not be possible. We appreciate you infinitely!


If you’ve never been to Lake Tahoe, and you’re a fan of winter sports, this casino is one of the nicest in the Lake Tahoe area.

For my write up and review of Lake Tahoe ski/snowboarding and of Hard Rock Lake Tahoe, check out my website at RoadGambler.com.

For my ASMR viewers, this is also an ASMR video with real sounds from the Hard Rock casino. These are not manufactured casino sounds. If you enjoy white noise, and you enjoy being in a casino, this video is a whole hour of escapism and relaxation.

We have equalized and softened any harsh sounds, such as shouting or anything high pitched. You can fall asleep to this video. For the best effect, turn the volume to around 1/3 to half.

We are not part of Ad Sense, so our ASMR casino videos do not start with a jarring commercial.


I’m the RoadGambler. I travel across the country, reviewing and playing all sorts of casino games, but mostly craps. My goal is to put you, the viewer and reader, in my shoes, as I go from table to table, casino to casino.

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Enjoy the video!

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1 Hour Long Real Craps Game at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, real ASMR casino sounds

10 thoughts on “1 Hour Long Real Craps Game at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe, real ASMR casino sounds

  1. Keep the vids coming…love to watch them…can share some reasons why you bet the way you do?

  2. At 21:54 that jerk comes in to the game in the middle of this guys hand and jinx him. Great video though.

  3. What a bunch of effin' nuubs at this table. You dipbads need to parlay those quick pass line wins if you ever want to make any money. Even a monkey could just leave the entire thing up there once in awhile! It is not unusual to see 6 to 8 passes in a row over the course of say 4 hours. If you're not gonna put up odds on your pass line bet then you should be attempting to parlay and try to win several in a row.

  4. Let me guess, you are betting on one number maybe 2 and missing out on another good roll? Lol

  5. I thought money wasn't supposed to be given to dealers as it happened @ 16:40.

  6. Try $64 across you might have idle money sitting at the table but it has worked for me the last few times I been to the casino

  7. Listen very closely to the audio and you can hear a woman say keep saying "blah blah blah blah" throughout the whole video, scary 🤔

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