$15 Craps Strategy | pandemic special

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The pandemic strategy is a $15 craps strategy for low rollers. It’s not easy to find a $5 table during the pandemic, but this strategy may keep you in the game. I heard this strategy from Coach Fav of casinos USA podcast.

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$15 Craps Strategy | pandemic special

10 thoughts on “$15 Craps Strategy | pandemic special

  1. You may need a back up person there when you record to make sure that you don’t make no mistake

  2. Pass line and full odds with doubling your pass line bets with each point made . There was 5 points made I believe . Threw enough numbers to cover all and press up . Monster hand could have won a grand or more . You roll 23 times without a 7 and made several points would have made a bundle

  3. In Biloxi the norm now is 15 dollar tables, you might get a 10 dollar table every so often. I would like to see the return of a 5 dollar table. Keep up the good work!

  4. I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago and all the table minimums were 25$ and 50$ at Harrah’s.

  5. Never ever ever bet the field. Stay away from hardways and craps numbers. Never bet the pass line but always bet dont with odds and you will be just fine

  6. In every instance of the come out roll on this video, if you'd have had your 5-6-8 working, you would have already collected on your first bet. There is no reason to not have the 5-6-8 working all the time in this strategy.

  7. You can be the shooter with this betting scheme, with no additional risk. Place bet the 5/6/8 and have them ON for the come out roll. Additional to this, make a $15 Pass Line bet + $15 Field bet. The Pass Line + Field bet are not at risk since you have the 5/6/8 covered, and if the point is 4,9 or 10, you have a free additional bet on the point number. Also, if the 2, 11 or 12 are rolled on come out, you make an additional $15 with the 2,12, or additional $30 if an 11 is rolled.
    If the point is 5,6 or 8, then you take down that place bet which is now replaced by the Pass Line bet.

  8. You should move the puck off first are hitting point. I enjoy playing on the no craps table at my local casino. I also noticed if no one is playing at the table and its a higher minimum I ask if they are willing to change it. From 15 to 10. I should ask for 5 dollar minimum. They have lowered it for me. They say they rather have someone playing than no one

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