5 thoughts on “$15 Digital Craps Iron Cross /Across Hybrid Strategy

  1. The llongest rolls at one place were 52, 48 & 47 rolls In the last 3 weeks since the software update on the system. The software tracks the longest rolls & displays the top 5 for the casino staff to see. (Me)

  2. There's no need to make correct bets. The computer pays to the penny. Only difference is that the real tables pay better on buy bets. The real table charges 5% on the bet. The digital craps table charges 5% on the winnings

  3. Hey no 7s nice video man. I like your content. Keep pushing them videos out. Play the strategy however it works for you but a suggestion i have is when you hit that field instead of racking it place the win on the 9 so if the 9 hits you get the 5 from field and 7 from place and you can reach your across just a little bit quicker. I like how you put the ( ). Thats how i do when im tracking my rolls.

  4. They are not favorable for the don't player. They do not let you do 6 times your DP bet in odds. They only let you do 3x 4x 5x odds even on the DP. Also they don't allow the Doey/Don't. The programmers obviously didn't really understand craps.

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