$15 Table Ultimate Craps Strategy

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$15 Table Ultimate Craps Strategy is a casino craps strategy that works great for a $15 table minimum. This strategy starts with a $66 bet on the inside number. If the 5 or 9 roll, the payoff is $21. You would collect the $1 and use the $20 winnings to press the 5 and 9 up to $25 each. If the 6 or 8 roll, you will also win $21. In this case you will drop the dealer $3, combined with the $21 winnings this will be enough to press both the 6 and 8 up to $30 each. At this point any inside number rolled will win $35. Continue to collect $35 each roll until a 7 out. This $15 Table Ultimate Craps Strategy was presented to me by Vince Armenti and he calls this craps strategy the Ultimate 66. You can find his channel here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJx5jilpl2M9dcq0m8tMExQ

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$15 Table Ultimate Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “$15 Table Ultimate Craps Strategy

  1. I do something similar.

    I place the 6/8 for $18. Once I get a hit I drop the dealer another $3 to make it $30 6/8. After 2 more hit I take them down and wait for the next shooter.

  2. Everyone one of the strategies you post work. The problem is getting good shooters who can keep a roll going. Can you please post some videos on how to throw dice like a champ lol 😂

  3. So far I’ve been losing on every strategy this guy has, I lost over 600 bucks in first 10 rolls, He emailed me and told me not to gamble, he’s just copying other people strategy, just as I figured he’s only on here to sell T-shirts LOL

  4. I must admit that's a nice professional looking craps set up you got there with that new pyramid diamond backboard! Looks awesome! How do you like it? Notice anything different?

  5. I think after you have your maximum bets up and there are 3 garbage rolls in a row any 4.10 you 'should' call your bets OFF. (I think I would) Wait out 4 rolls then regress down to the minimum if the numbers happen to keep showing if you still wanted action. Remember, craps and yo's are very close to being a 7 and those numbers are preventing your winning numbers from showing…

  6. Coming from a craps dealer, be careful calling the total of one die before the total of both. If you were on a live game the box and the players would be pissed. Example: "five-four…nine." etc.

  7. Saw a man use a similar strategy the other night and turned $320 into over $2300. He only cover three of them if the point was an inside number. Once he got them bumped up one and regained his starting moneys the he would press the 5/9 up a quarter and 24 for every 6/8 hit and when it was said and done, 30-35 rolls later he had the 5 up to $300.

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