$25 Don’t And A $50 Do Craps Strategy

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In this video I am showing a strategy that I read on Facebook. Claims that the person who was using this strategy was up by $2700. So I wanted to try it out on my own. All we needed was our infamous random roller.

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$25 Don’t And A $50 Do Craps Strategy

8 thoughts on “$25 Don’t And A $50 Do Craps Strategy

  1. Like 1 watching now my friends. Saw you guys when SQ introduce you in her livestream 👋🍀🐝

  2. every system will work until it doesn't and then you go BUSTO….. every system won't work until it does if you have a large enough bankroll and don't go BUSTO until it does work….. 😀

  3. 2-1 (3) Craps awesome addition, Artwork is Beautiful! 2500? 100 favorable decisions?

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