“25 Grinder” How to play craps nation strategies & tutorials 2020

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“25 Grinder” How to play craps nation strategies & tutorials 2020

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Craps Nation

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DIY Do it yourself Step by step just like pewdiepie or mrbeast does. Make your own strategies using my smart techniques and incorporate your own styles to create your very own strategy. Learn to become mobile and play and learn the game of craps right from your van or car. Also learn survival and building techniques.

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“25 Grinder” How to play craps nation strategies & tutorials 2020

10 thoughts on ““25 Grinder” How to play craps nation strategies & tutorials 2020

  1. Damn Vinnie. Sue cost herself $90 by taking down the Place Bets. You loss is only on the 11, and 3 ways to seven. … outside that never take your Place bets down in your situation. … I’ll do a new Twist the Your Grinder System. Tune in to my channel. You’ll be amazed

  2. Also. With 3 DC you say it guarantees a $150 profit. Not sure how as your Risk to the 7 is $140. The most you can receive is $75 profit plus your $75 risk to a box #. So a net loss of -$65 plus additional loss to the DC on 7out of -$80.

  3. Really need you guys to make some partner strategies to pass this boredom👍👍👍😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳HOPE YOU ALL ARE STAYING SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!

  4. I love the grinder great video have you ever considered pressing one unit for box number with a DC behind Please consider a video with this

  5. The grinder method doesn't work. If you want to know why I will be happy to explain it.

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