3 Point Blender Craps Strategy: Craps Master Journey Live

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This is the fifth craps strategy review of the top 10 YouTube craps strategies that I will enter into the Craps Master Journey Live craps tournament.

In this episode, we will explore 36 Full Press’s 3 Point Blender craps strategy.

This is a relatively safe grinder strategy that anyone can use to make a profit on the craps table. It consists of making a don’t pass, don’t come, and place bets. They are set up to maximize your protection against the Big Red and grind out a profit along the way.

The 3 point blender is an excellent craps strategy for random and unproven shooters which you can use while attempting to build your bankroll.

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My name is Joe and this is my Craps Master Journey. Let’s make it yours too!!!

36 Full Press 3 Point Blender Craps Strategy: https://youtu.be/oSY52DIexow

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3 Point Blender Craps Strategy: Craps Master Journey Live

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  1. Wooohooo a blast from the past here!

    I like this one, but at live tables, I've had an enormous amount of trouble getting it out of the gate and setup

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