$30 Garden Craps Strategy, Part 2!

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In part one, we saw those pesky tornadoes destroy our garden! The forecast for this episode is a little more blue sky scenario, but will we make any money? In this craps strategy we have to go at least 5 rolls before we harvest some cash.

Special thanks to Midnight Madness for his innovative strategies and allowing me to run them on this channel.

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$30 Garden Craps Strategy, Part 2!

6 thoughts on “$30 Garden Craps Strategy, Part 2!

  1. Your production values have improved quite a bit. I've also enjoyed you guest appearances on other channels. Good stuff.

  2. This is a pretty aggressive strategy for a low roller. I'm shocked that you like it as much as you do. You must just be a gambler at heart. 🙂

  3. Cool, Put you up on https://crapsgazelledaily.com/. Part 1 and 2 along with my other social media pages Thanks Jesse

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