$30 Garden Craps Strategy

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Playing Craps is like planting a garden. To enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have to let your investments grow. You have to fertilize them, water them and nurture them. Some even talk to them! Come on dice, baby needs a new pair of shoes! Even with the best care, you can’t always escape mother nature. That 7 will come in like a tornado and destroy your hard work! Ok, so maybe I carried that a little to far, but you get the idea!

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$30 Garden Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “$30 Garden Craps Strategy

  1. Love you video style and the way you shoot all this. Love the commentary style too. Great job bet

  2. I like your video. I saw you on the challenge with color up and wanted to check out your video.

  3. Thanks for sharing David. I like your presentation style and production quality.

    Intersting idea but unfortunately not a strategy I would play. To me the weakness is adding more bankroll risk as the hand 'grows' whilst the probability of surving the seven diminishes exponentially. If I'm going to put money into a hand on the light side I would have it all there up front exposed for as few roles as possible and then regress to lock in profit and protect bankroll early in the hand.

  4. Even if you could go 5+ rolls, I think it's better to play any strategy like you won't go more than 4 rolls (not bad mojo, just being realistic), so not following the directions for the original system is the best part of the unwritten strategy. šŸ˜‰ Some systems work best over a "long run," but I am too impatient and want to have as much action as possible, so if I can't plausibly break-even (at least) after 3 rolls, then I quickly move on to a different system. Thanks for the demo! Been watching you for a while, but realized I wasn't subscribed, so did that! šŸ™‚

  5. Nice strategy.
    But I really don't see the point to the first roll.
    You could start with $36 on the 6 or 8 (or both), and the only play 3 or 4 rolls per session.

  6. Brother, I think your cap on the six was wrong at 5:12. With three $25.00 cheques, the cap should be three $5.00 cheques not three $1.00 cheques. Or am I wrong?

  7. I use the lay with the 4, easier to recognize quicker. Every time I see a 6 On 1 die, my heart stops. I protect it with hard 4, and a small hoping bet on soft 4. I only use it till I get my place bets, then I down everything so Iā€™m playing with house $ and hopefully the roll continues. I used it 5 trips to Vegas, and luckily brought my $ home with me. Learning a modified Hawaii 5-0, but need to test with real $ for the true test. Hardest thing for me is to get bets down in a timely manner to not stall game by confusing dealers.

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