9 thoughts on “68 Money Tree Daily Paycheck Bankroll Builder Session 10

  1. Hey Waylon, congratulations on your 4k subscribers. I started watching you from day one. Before that I Watched Jacob at Wager me this roll out your strategies. Your channel has improved with every video. Good luck in the future.

  2. Just curious if the lay 6/8 & place the 4/10 would work as well on a daily paycheck basis?

  3. Life is good on this kind of strategy, you're a treasure hunter my friend.

  4. Wait, something isn’t right, you didn’t roll any 4 or 10s that session! LOL! Great strat as always!

  5. Rolling this out on smaller scale at the casino tonight. Only crapless in Kc. Math same always working. Thanks my friend. If built I may try crapless strategy tomorrow. Or just stay on this

  6. Played this Sunday at the $30 level and won about $625 in 2.5 hours. Gets a little scary when you get to level 4 or 5, but it worked, thanks for the strategy.

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