85% Success Rate= “My Hit and Run” Craps Strategy

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When I recorded this I was 85% successful with this strategy. Since I have retested for 30 days LIVE testing. Check my playlist for my LIVE testing strategies to find out my results.

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85% Success Rate= “My Hit and Run” Craps Strategy

5 thoughts on “85% Success Rate= “My Hit and Run” Craps Strategy

  1. Big AZ, I have been play this method with a small twist. I play $25 across and a don’t come after the point is up. With both sides up you make money when you hit a number for the second time roll a seven you only lose the numbers that have not hit once. It has worked great.

  2. This is so Awesome AZ! I am experiencing amazing success with this strategy. But it also brought on a problem, hoping you or your videos can help.
    I am using the $160 Across, 'On' on the Come Out, & every number that wins, pull down the place/buy on that number & rack the win. To increase success against 'Random' rollers I include 3 wins or 3 misses (any non-win), whichever is first, and all bets taken down. This does 2 things well, reduces bet loss to unproductive numbers, and place bet spread is exposed 5 rolls max.
    The problem is, what to do with a long roll? I like the large number of 'zero risk' 7 outs. But oh, when the shooter keeps hitting numbers! Help me AZ, I don't want to give it right back

  3. Holy…. Batman! Did you just have a 50 Roll shoot?! With 16 Eights!!!
    You know the table would be betting up the 12 to hit the All/Tall

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