An Easy Craps Strategy to Get out in ONE ROLL

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An Easy Craps Strategy to Get out in ONE ROLL

10 thoughts on “An Easy Craps Strategy to Get out in ONE ROLL

  1. If I ever see this guy I’m putting it all in the don’t. All he throws is sevens lol. Should do a dont stat.

  2. You 2 are so hilarious! Love watching yall play together. BTW David how can I get some casino quest dice?

  3. Lol that was entertaining. Just have dennis do iron cross action thriller so he actually gets out in 1 roll (60 6/8, 50 5, 35 field for $5 minimum. Multiply as necessary). The risk isn't worth the reward but at least Dennis might last a little longer.

  4. That was abysmal.
    It's a very organic representation of how craps can go.

  5. David, you need a new shooter for your videos. 😂 Dennis…come on man. 😂

  6. If I had a dealer who was constantly yakking I would switch tables. David, in your next demonstration please be quiet once the dice are out. Denis will throw better, I guarantee it.

  7. lmao the end , shut up…stop talking…..youre turning on the magnets haha ^_^ great content

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