10 thoughts on “Analysis: Ace Bluenote’s favorite Craps field strategy.

  1. Thanks 5’s, 100% agree on your thoughts on Martingales systems such as these. If you start betting after x amount of field losses, then you have a better chance of success, but even then the possibility of a run of losses outlasting your bankroll is not worth the small collect you get. Sorry to be picky, but the initial bankroll was $2610, as you counted 4 stacks of 5 $25 chips as $400, but 20 x $25 is $500, so the win was $105 not $205 as you counted the $25 chips correctly at the end. Regardless of this it was a good demonstration and analysis of the system. Cheers. Rob

  2. '' when you lose your $ 2510 bankroll it will stink'' – 555 direct quote from vid……….. what more can one say. 555 vids get better and entertaining as each day passes…………….great job. ddp1

  3. LOL! AZ convinced me the Field in general is not a good bet. I used it a lot early and it was a rags to riches OR riches to rags.

  4. LOL….scary…… That should have been 355….no you were correct 315. You should see how scary it gets with a 15 or 25 dollar minimum!

  5. Ok, 555. Help me out because I see %'s in the field over 50% quite often. I think Senor Moo plays the "subsidies" …..he and Slammer argue all the time about the Field bet. Thanks 5s for giving it a look! I like your table buddy.

  6. Even though I love Ace Bluenote, this is not for me. The only time I would try a martingale system would be on a place bet where I would be getting odds paid.

  7. That’s why I do like DGE, don’t bet Field until at least 4 non fields have been thrown in a row!

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