“Anyone for Tennis”? – A Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy (By: Craig Gilroy)

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A subscriber-suggested craps betting strategy from Craig Gilroy. Anyone for Tennis?

I’m not sure that this qualifies as a beginner craps strategy, because there are a lot of moving parts to keep in focus. That said, I had a lot of fun rolling it out. Thank you, Craig!

Dust off your tennis racket… Wait… WHAT? What’s tennis got to do with the casino game of craps? You wouldn’t think it… but Craig has brought the two games together in a very creative way. Next, I expect him to blend golf and craps! Enjoy!

If you’d like to submit your own strategy for me to roll out, please just post it in the comments.

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk.

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“Anyone for Tennis”? – A Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy (By: Craig Gilroy)

7 thoughts on ““Anyone for Tennis”? – A Subscriber Suggested Craps Betting Strategy (By: Craig Gilroy)

  1. Thanks for trying my strategy CT, just a minor mistake, the 3rd match you won, but did not pull down. So our bankroll suffered a $22 loss. But no worries, this helped demonstrate the recovery sequence of the strategy in even more dire circumstances than we were actually in lol. Ithink this is a very good strategy for random rollers, as your exposure is for a maximum 5 rolls. Cheers

  2. Love the name of this.
    Playing against the average dice rolls and reduces the exposure with each hit.
    Good one for bankroll management I think.

  3. lots of moving parts……what do you think about this strategy, ct?…….maybe revisit with a longer time frame say at least 30 minutes….what do you think? it is noted you were in recovery mode for most of the video with the relatively early 7 outs……however you will miss a long roll with taking your bets down……i'm thinking there is some merit with this strategy but not sure how you or the strategist get there

  4. Love the Name of the Game A long roll would do the trick. But it is a good money management system. You can see your loses go easy.

  5. I have a major problem with this strategy. If you pull down your place bets after 3 "hits" you lose the opportunity to participate in those coveted long rolls. Long rolls are where you make the big $$. By eliminating them the early seven outs will kill you.

    The idea that you will risk $22 to make a maximum of 3 hits ($21) doesn't seem logical.

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