Avoid Early 7’s Craps Strategy

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Hedgeless Horseman is a strategy provided by John at ProCraps YouTube channel. It uses don’t pass bet followed by 3 come bets. This eliminates the worry about an early 7 to end your session. You then have options to lay odds on the don’t pass, odds on your come bets, or replace come bets with place bets as they are rolled. This is a strategy to avoid those early 7 outs!
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Avoid Early 7’s Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Avoid Early 7’s Craps Strategy

  1. Just tried this at Winstar in Oklahoma at a Roll To Win table. $5 bets ended up with +$51. Would've been more if I didn't have to deal with a $.50 ante in Oklahoma.

  2. id like to see you do a video of 2 players deploying 2 of your favorite simple strategies, 1 pass and 1 dont. im always playing with at least one buddy. be fun to see a few 2 person strategies.

  3. It's a good strategy cause I see point in and out. Recently attended a table that had alot of horns or 7 then point in and 7 ouch on second roll.

  4. Interesting strategy, I will try it soon. I think that when I have all three come bets made I will not re-bet when they win.

  5. so I had a question about 2x, 3x and 4x odds. Ok I get that the odds behind the pass line has to follow the rule of 2x, 3x or 4x set by the table. However, I'm confused when it comes to betting the max amount in the come or place bets. I seen your video where you bet $96 in all the place bets (4- $15, 5-$15, 6-$18, 8-$18, 9-$15 , 10-$15). What was the $96 based on? (pass line bet? or something else? what was the multiplier?

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