Best Casino Quest Craps Strategy

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So what is the best casino quest craps strategy? Do you prefer the “double tap” craps strategy or the “squeeze play”? One has a higher initial investment, but then covers more numbers quicker and doesn’t need a number to repeat. The other strategy, lower upfront cost, but you have to repeat at least one number. So which casino quest strategy do you prefer?

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Best Casino Quest Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Best Casino Quest Craps Strategy

  1. Great video Jeremy,,love both strategies. I will be helping with the cure for cancer,,so I will finally meet you. Also,, SideShow Gamble and I are going to be battling in hopes to win his old craps table. Can't wait to see you there.

  2. Starting out it looked our favourite strategy killer had turned multiple murderer but then a great roll proved them both to be good strategies.
    Perhaps a championship of strategies – 8 strategies, 4 qtr finals, 2 semis and a final – post same day each week and we have a winner by Christmas….

  3. Would have loved to see how these strategies fared against your usual choppy table rolling. 😉 That said, nice roll! Great content, as always!

  4. This long of a roll, triple lux would have made you break out the black and purple chips 🙂

  5. Mr. Jeremy, do you believe in dice setting? if you do and into it, can you make a video about it? good dice setting for come out rolls and maybe dice setting for point numbers. if not no worries. i just thought of something i havent really seen you do/ talk about. Great vids tho!

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