Best Craps Betting Strategy- large bankroll required

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this strategy in my opinion is the best strategy for all players, and can be used at any level of play but you need a bankroll to carry if a long roll happens before the 7

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Best Craps Betting Strategy- large bankroll required

7 thoughts on “Best Craps Betting Strategy- large bankroll required

  1. Man….that would be of concern to me when a "Pit Boss" says "42 rolls"- to me. (?) You need to realize the Casino (s) are not "on your side" Be careful my friend ….they may be taking a closer look at you than you realize right now as you frequent the same Casino over and over and a $175.00 tip shows "confidence" in what you do to the Casino. The best that could happen is a ban – and maybe everywhere (??) cause if they think you are truly an advantage player/shooter they will put facial recognition "on you". The worst that could happen well,…I won't even say.

    If you are getting real good (?) then moving around is a good idea. This is the one thing BTW that gets me about dice setters of which as you know I am not one….you can get banned or worse if they build a case against you. They will have you on film too! Feel free to take this comment down after you read. Good luck in all things but you may be "playing with fire" and don't realize it ? I am saying this because you are young. There is another dice setter here on YT and he got banned he claims from one Casino….and maybe he is not telling ALL though if you know what I mean. (?) Just sayin as a YT "friendly".

  2. if you can do rolls of 42, why not try a strategy that allows you to collect on these rolls, such as place bets, buy 4/10 and the ALL, TALL, SMALL bonus? If your SOR is above 20, keep your place bets and buy bets up for about 15 rolls or so. You still can do the Don't Climb the Ladder with this. This way you can cash in more on those good rolls.

  3. I ran this one a couple of sessions recently. I doubled my BR the first one and made a modest gain my second and got stuck a couple hundo the third. . A few thoughts.. Don't play this unless you can commit whatever bankroll it takes. And pay attention on the busy tables, I had to correct them a few times. In my last session shooter hit so many repeaters I was replacing $120 bets with $140 bets only to have them knocked off. At one point I got so deep I just stopped and waited for an out, big mistake. You can weather the storm if you are willing to play the chips. It's fun to stack the greens though when big red does show. Thanks man enjoy your content. Good Job!

  4. Couple of things to note from your experience today.

    1. Alignment of shooter to strategy.
    2. Teamwork with the other shooters

    Alignment- seems like the long roll does not align well with Climb because it involves huge bankroll exposure to modest profit and low risk. You are a low risk shooter who has an edge over the theoretical of random therefore an aligned strategy should balance this edge with higher risk bets. (Or a mixture thereof)
    2. Teamwork- the other shooters with their short throws were more aligned to your strategy than you were

    On a comment by another gentleman below re: being banned , I find that doubtful as the amounts for the casino are negligible ( low return strategy although mostly profitable)

    And yes, a light side strategy would be beneficial for at least a short game ( if SOR is big at least stay on light side for 5 score hits) then switch to DC after taking place bets down and ride it out with a. More bankroll available and b. Less committed bankroll to the climb (40-6=34 rolls)

  5. Hey press I have to agree with mark. Maybe adjust the bet strategy over the dice change. If you can toss consistently at the casino near 20 you deserve to be PAID substantially. Bet a chunk across and full press for 10 throws. Take em down to table min and ride it out. Gratz on the 42 throws. Sorry you didn’t make more because you deserved to make a mortgage payment out of that roll. Keep up the Great work brotha.

  6. Great video, Press. What I like about you is you are doing this for real money and updating us on real results, good or bad. I’m only a month or two into my craps journey and am still in “practice mode”. It’s cool to see what sort of results are possible by a seasoned player.

    Quick thought to bounce off you. Maybe give yourself a 5 count and then bet $22 inside. This could allow you to make some money if you go on a hot streak.

  7. Ahh the pain of throwing good…I agree with other comments, come up with a "light side" strat for 10+ rolls and run the ladder on randies while you wait for the dice. If you hit 15+ rolls w/ a simple collect/press can really make a nice profit. Of course, once you go light side you'll throw 4 times and seven out. 😉

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