Best Craps Strategy argument finally ended!

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Best Craps Strategy argument finally ended!

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Best Craps Strategy argument finally ended!

10 thoughts on “Best Craps Strategy argument finally ended!

  1. How do we submit strategies to you. I just saw your sisters video and i have been playing a more in depth version for the past year and am up $50,000+ over the past year without a name for it

  2. Please read this through. Good you're trying different strategies Jeremy. Surprised you bet 30-38% of your bank roll on a single shooter at a time–very unlike your usual $ conservative play. Starting place bets just after the point, but before Point +6 is gonna have you losing 58% of the time (Wizard of Odds)–That means of the12 shooters/hour, you're gonna 7-Out 7 times between point +1 and point+6. Those are Huge numbers that Will help or hurt you–which do you want them to do?

    How do you not lose in the in1st 6 rolls And make $$ when the roll goes long? Play $10 DP Only for the 1st 6 rolls, and Keep Your Powder Dry. Could you do DP for $25 or $50, or $125? Sure. Best strategy is to go $110 DP if you're gonna start at $110 inside-so When, not If a 7 hits, you're 100% covered, BUT, to get your toe into that "scary" DP swimming pool, start with just $10. You would have won 2 of the 4 rolls from the DP, and been neutral in the 2 longer rolls where the point hit, replacing the DP after a loss.

    Then wait to place bets until Point +6. You've proven you have no fear betting $120 of a $400 bankroll on a shooter, so After Point + 6 rolls, Place $110 inside, and do Split the sisters ($110>>$66)–a regression's gonna get your $$ off the table with max return, And then you have CD on the table.

    Ran this scenario for you. You made $45 net with this "Best Craps strategy" getting your powder wet from the Point. The easy "Keep Your Powder Dry" strategy I just shared, with Exact same rolls, would have made you Not Double, Not Triple, but Over 4 Times the income–4.2 X $45=–$189. And you're gonna get similar results over and over.

    Be good for you to roll it out on your channel–"Keep Your Powder Dry" strategy.πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  3. At 10x odds, a $10 come bet + $100 odds = $110, so if you start by placing $60 to win $70 ($130), your come bet & odds are covered. Next hit wins $10 + $120 for $130 total plus the extra $20 gives you a $150 win and down.

    This is the same outcome as pressing $60 of the first hit ($70) to $120 and winning $140 on the 2nd hit for $150 total. Same initial risk of $60.

    Am I missing anything besides 7-out protection on the $10 come bet?

  4. This is my current strategy. Place the inside at table min, running come bets at table min, starting with 2x odds (β€œpaid” by place bet) and then, as the come bets hit, press the odds. Odds hit max, reload the place bets.

    Love it!!!

  5. Thank you for explaining how place bets vs odd bets work when the puck is off. I never understood thst part of the game.
    I always thought dealer chopped my bets in half on a come out 7. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚.

  6. Love all your videos over the years, I have learn a lot from you. Where did you get the chip holders?

  7. This is literally the way I play. The last few months though everytime I get my 2 come bets with $20-30 in odds set up, bam 7 out. It's so frustrating! My husband and I got a room this weekend at our local casino so maybe I'll give it another go. Wish me luck!

  8. Jeremy did roll the strategy I like to use. But if my come bet hits, I will replace it with a place bet if it is a 6 or 8. Sometimes other numbers if the table is hot.

  9. On your next video show it at $20…i saw a few tables in vegas at $20 on the strip. But most are 15 and 25.

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