Best Craps Strategy ever

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**Please note, this video is a little old***
I use a new craps system now. You can find it here…

Best craps strategy ever! Here is the algorithms for the video best craps strategy ever says it all! This is seriously the best craps strategy you can use for casinos, and you might not always win at craps, but you may see yourself winning a lot more at craps when implementing this simple winning craps system. This is probably the best winning craps strategy I’ve tested out, and when you implement it, you’ll see why! And if you want to check out my webpage it is…
Here is the algorithms for the winning craps system.
***Best Craps Strategy ever!***

(step 1) 3 bets
Bet | Profit | Stake $50


(step 2: for 2 or 3 wins) 3 bets
Bet | Profit | Stake $175


Bankroll: $225

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Best Craps Strategy ever

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  1. Not throwing shade or anything but in the future try to repeat yourself less. If you watch back in the video everything gets repeated quick a bit. " How this simple algorithm works is that it's a simple algorithm.." just a recommendation.

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