Bulldog Parlay Press – Craps Strategy

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In this video, I go over a strategy given to me by one of my subscribers. This strategy involves betting the 6 and 8 for $30 each. One hit pays $35, drop $1 and press the 6 and 8 to $48 each. Turn the bets off and wait for the next shooter or 7 (it is up to you). Next hit will pay $56, drop $4 and press both by $30 each ($78 on the 6 and 8). Here, you are going for your third and final hit which will pay $91 dollars. If you can successfully progress through this, you would profit $182!

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Bulldog Parlay Press – Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Bulldog Parlay Press – Craps Strategy

  1. This is wild,, I am working on a video with the 6-8..Get out of my mind Degen…lol.
    It works turning off and on. That's cool.
    Thanks for sharing buddy

  2. Nice little Strategy! Don't worry about the other bets! If you don't have them you don't lose on them when Roxanne shows up!

  3. Cool but I think on the second hit I would pull 60 off the table and press the remainder that would be 42 6 an 8 then press it with the third hit with whatever remainder gets locked up. Then go for a fourth hit or pull everything down and min across and play Mel's Magic .

  4. The discipline is waiting for the shooter to 7 out, after making a 6 or 8, and watching all the 6's and 8's roll while you're waiting.

  5. I am a fan of anything that reduces lightside exposure. Hopefully the timing of turning your bets off/on works out well.

  6. I like it Chris. $182 Profit if you pull down after three hits. That’s a 36% Profit on a $500 Bank Roll. Even if you Seven out on your First Attempt and Get there on the Second Attempt. It’s still a 24% Profit it my numbers are Right.

  7. Love your video. I’m going on a 16 day cruise and I think this would be a good strategy!

  8. If you want more action, make it $110 in and do the same with the 5/9- 25/45/75. $55 in, $258 out for $203 profit. Take a little more effort to keep track of since you'd have to take down the sisters that had hit, but add some more fun and potential to it.

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