Casino Comps – How The System Works

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Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, explains how the casino comping system works for table game players. Topics covered include: how to get rated; how the casino rates your play, how to determine how much you can earn in comps; plus much more.

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Casino Comps – How The System Works

10 thoughts on “Casino Comps – How The System Works

  1. Can you get comps playing poker? I'm talking about poker where you play against other players.

  2. Yes. Most casinos will give you comps for playing poker, but usually at a very low rate. You can always call a casino's poker room in advance of your visit to ask them about their comp policy.

  3. so just because they take your player card at a craps table doesn't mean you are being rated?

  4. I heard a rumor once that if you keep winning legally at a Casino and only lose a small amount of money you get better comps and it doesn't matter if your an average player, a high roller, or a whale, because the Casino wants to it's money back. Is this true?

  5. It shouldn't matter whether you win or lose as far as comps are concerned. The casino should offer you the same amount of comps either way and only require that you put in time to play. In the long run, the math should be pretty accurate and the player should lose what is mathematically expected.

  6. Comp is bullbad at casino. If you spent like 5000 dollar at casino and you lose it all you only get free hotels and free entertaintment ticket and some free credit. If you start win again. You will lose your all of your comp and NEver send you free comp again. Remember hitting one of those jackpot
    is like getting struck lighting.

  7. im not doing very well on the math but i used to get 500 in free play 6 days a week but for the next 2 months ill only get 410 1 day a week. i started playing a game with 1.50 max when i used to play one woth a 5 dollar max and i always bet max if i can .. so how do i figure out how to get back to where i was ? like i dont like that game anymore but how much do i have to spend to get my 500 dollars 6 days a week again

  8. The idea of earning comps sounds fun but having to play for 3 or more hours to earn them sounds like it's more a job at that point if that makes sense. I only go to a casino about 2 times a year so would earning comps be worth it for me or not really?

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