Casino Secrets of the Field Bet

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There are a couple Casino Secrets of the Field Bet.
The field is a one roll bet, meaning a decision will be made after each roll. If you add up all the different dice combinations, there are 16 ways to roll a winner, but there are 20 ways to roll a loser.
Most casinos pay Double on the 2 and 12 and in this case the house has a pretty steep house edge at 5.5% – If you find a table where either the 2 OR the 12 pays Triple the house edge is a modest 2.8% Plenty of bets are still better but this isn’t too bad. If you’re going to play the field, hopefully you find a table that pays triple.
The big casino secret about the field bet is the cost per hour. In this video I show why the casino loves the field bet.

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Casino Secrets of the Field Bet

10 thoughts on “Casino Secrets of the Field Bet

  1. I like placing bets for the dealers on the field. At my local casino almost all the craps workers talk trash to field bettors, so it is pretty funny

  2. I started watching your videos because I had no clue on how to play craps. It always intimidated me so I just avoided it all together. However, I decided to finally sit down, learn the basics and found your videos. Your videos made it real simple to understand and I gained a lot of confidence when playing this game. I downloaded a decent electronic game to practice on and gained a little more confidence. I finally decided to go play for real and went with a conservative strategy at first till I built a little "play money". I went in with $300 and came out with $645 ($345 gain) after a few hours. There were highs and lows and a lot of on hands learning. Overall I had a lot of fun and I think I have a new favorite game to play at the casino now. Thank you!

  3. If I hit the PowerBall I'm going to Martingale the Field up to table max and see if I can win a table max bet before rolling 9 non Field rolls in a row.

  4. I've never seen a casino pay tripple on BOTH two and twelve. I've only seen and it's rare, tripple on just the twelve.

  5. I found the vid informative but look at the field in conjunction with a 5,6,8 pass so you have coverage on 3 of the 4 losers. just have to avoid the 7 and you win on all hands.

  6. I also have an issue with the 100 rolls per hour that is a pipe dream on a busy table 55-75 per hour is more realistic especially after adding the hop and bonus games to the layout….

  7. Beware the field will get you in trouble. I ban myself from fields most of the time except rare occasions. Bc at the end of sessions in the past. I discovered that a couple field bet losses during the session. Would literally make a supposed to be atleast $100 to $150 plus session only a $50 or $25 or breaking even session screw a losing all the buy in $$ session. Long story short the field bets tended to be counter productive to my other successful nonField bets.

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