CPR – Collect Press Regress – Craps Betting Strategy

Craps Strategy Video Information:

CPR – Collect Press Regress is a Craps Betting Strategy or money management system for place bets. With a place bet win you collect the full payout on the first win and keep same bet. If the number wins for a second time you make a full press or parlay on the number. If it wins for the third time you collect the winnings and regress the bet all the way back down to a single betting unit.

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CPR – Collect Press Regress – Craps Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “CPR – Collect Press Regress – Craps Betting Strategy

  1. I always stick around till the end of these live shoots. “Leave comments, tell me how horrible this strategy is, those comments are welcome too”

    Have you considered putting the color up theme music as an outro as well? Play it to a fade as your thumbnails pop for other strategies? I think it would put a nice “finish” on it. Keep it up!

  2. @8:30
    Every time I try one of these strategies out I always get at least 2 shooters doing that back to back. Really kills the spirit around the table, like "seriously can we at least have a chance?"

  3. what about 44 inside and a $3 hop the 7 ? Win the first,replace the bet ,take $3 of the payout and another hop the 7. As your profits increase up the inside bets and the hop bet . Where's the flaw ?

  4. The non-strategy rolls always look like you could make more money just going across, press, press regress and you'd be way ahead. Probably my confirmation bias showing.

  5. The question I have is at a casino, when you go to make a buy bet do you put the chips down in the middle of the table and tell the boys to put the chips on the 6,8, and 9? Or can you ever place them yourself?

  6. I like your videos, i would move camera back so we can see the dice roll. I want to try what u have done with the 5 and a field bet. Using a winning field bet to press your 6 or 8 or 5 then taking a hit and regressing. I'd like to see you roll that for a while.

  7. are you not getting the same results if you do nothing and just hit the number 3 time?

  8. New craps player here, is it bad etiquette or would a dealer be annoyed to place all the numbers for me before the first roll, then regress down on 6 and 8 after 1 winning roll and remove everything else completely. Seems like a good money management strategy that i wanna try, but i dont wanna be an annoying player.

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