10 thoughts on “Craps 101-lecture 11-six-eight strategy with hardway bets (part II)

  1. @tampicokeed The only exception is poker, because you aren't playing against the house. You are playing against other players (with the house only taking a cut of the total pot), which means that an element of skill comes in.

  2. If I'm understanding this correctly, the hardway bet is still a mathematically losing proposition in the scenario you describe. That is, I have 10 rolls that will result in me losing the hardbet (6 ways of making a seven + the other 4 ways of making a six) but I only have 1 roll which will win the hardbet (the pair of threes on the dice) – but, this only effectively pays 9 to 1. So, over time, I will lose $100 on average for every $90 I win – this is a 10% house advantage, correct?

  3. why would a phd that sells books on Craps struggle with basic math and not keep his stacks clean?

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    I love books, by the way, way more than movies. Movies tell you what to think. A good book lets you choose a few thoughts for yourself.

  5. A "Professor" that has to count on his fingers to figure out that 6:5 x 10 = 12???

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