Craps: 2/1 2/1 Iron Crapper Strategy

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Testing another strat I found on youtube with the 2/1 2/1 dice set.

Stuff I use:

Scroll Poker Chips –
On/Off button –
Craps Stick –
Craps Dice –
Craps Rubber Bumper –

Source: YouTube

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Craps: 2/1 2/1 Iron Crapper Strategy

2 thoughts on “Craps: 2/1 2/1 Iron Crapper Strategy

  1. Great work on your youtube channel!

    Iwould you to try this way if you could.

    I believe its a take off of a grand martingale method.

    Starting stack $600

    Wait until a non field number is thrown (ie) 5,6,7,8 Why wait? I've read where the probability of a field roll is within 3.5 rolls

    so by waiting until a 5,6,7,8, hits it will give you 7 rolls total see betting below .This means the shooter will need to defy probability by double!

    1st bet $5 if it looses 2nd bet $15 if it looses 3rd $35 if it looses 4th bet $75 if it looses 5th bet $155 if it looses 6th bet $315

    (any hit starts the method over on waiting until a (5,6,7,8 is thrown)

    What this pays is $5 every throw the shooter makes! So if your table can average one throw per minute you'll make $100 in 20 minutes. This does not take into account a 2 or 12 hitting, I play at a casino where 12 pays triple. which drops house edge from 5.5% to 2.7% for the field bet

    Its inevitable that some shooter will not throw a field number in 7 rolls that's why you limit your play to 20 minutes.

    I generally play for 1 hour or $300 which ever hits first.

    If you make a video of this it wont take 20 minutes because you'll shoot faster than one roll per minute.

    You may say why not get rid of that last bet of $315 and start with $285 and wait to start after 2 consecutive non field numbers

    you'll be there much longer inviting the inevitable.

    Hope you try it.

    Email me if you have questions

  2. Consider hedging your come out roll with a Hop Reds and a Yo. I also don't like the field bet because of its high vig. I would instead use a come bet every roll with 1 or 2 times odds and take down the corresponding place bet. The come bet also pays when you 7 out.

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