5 thoughts on “Craps 36 Roll Challenge Day 3 – See how your betting strategy does against my rolls.

  1. Loss of $23 playing $32 across always on…was up over $100 until the three straight sevens. Nice clear picture

  2. Awesome! 6|8|5|9|5|5|Hard8|6|Hard4|7|9|6|6|6|5|6|7|6|Hard6|10|5|9|10|5|9|7|7|7|7|6|6|5|Hard6|7|Hard10|Hard6|3|4|7
    "Ultimate66" strategy is doing well on this. Not much tip out though. Not too much for Hedging the ATS. Cheers to you. Keep em coming. Hope to see you at the live tables someday.

  3. Let it roll thank you so much for D3. You had a great roll bro and all the 7s wouldn’t translate badly on normal meat and potatoes bettors with their passline bets so don’t worry about it. I’d definitely bet on your rolls 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Also thank you for following the video format to the letter. Couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks again!!

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