Craps 6-7-8 Strategy – Win at craps from both sides of the 7

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May the odds ever be in your favor …

The 3 easiest numbers to roll? The 6, 7, and 8

How can we use these numbers in creative ways to capitalize not only on the best numbers from a probability standpoint, but perhaps to take advantage of table trends in creative ways as well.

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Regress and Press the 6 & 8
Feeding the DC
Taking (or foregoing odds in the DC)
Laying the 6 & 8 and working the Come

So many options if you explore the possibilities that these 3 bets offer


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Craps 6-7-8 Strategy – Win at craps from both sides of the 7

10 thoughts on “Craps 6-7-8 Strategy – Win at craps from both sides of the 7

  1. Congratulations 👏👏 100k That's Powerful Proof learning then Playing Craps Worthwhile

  2. Hybrid players don't realize they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Your place bets erase and cancels the golden opportunities. As you said any strategy can work well with the right 'rhythm.' What hybrid players don't realize is you are setting yourself up to have to thread the needle to win anything substantial. And this is on display any time a hybrid strategy is uploaded.

    Bottom line…..hybrid play is a waste of time and money.

  3. Nice going. I had planned to be there LoL.—just didn’t see the 9:30 a.m. coming down the pike.

  4. I agree on the KPI Tracker, but it doesnt work well with ECamm Live and our Macs. I run it on an old laptop during my practice sessions. If I want to add it to a recorded show, I play the movie in Ecamm with screen sharing overlays and record that session. It works, but it's a lot of work and it can't be done live… Not with the equipment I have at least!

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