7 thoughts on “Craps! Barrel Roll from Stick Right positions. 678 strategy!

  1. can demo the barrel roll.Showing the grip and the toss?I do not quite understand it.

  2. You got it 💰 going on now brother. Good strategy and keep critiquing that barrel 🎲roll. Seems to be working out for you.

  3. Nice win…again! Now, guess what? There was one repeater in all of that. The fives at 16:15. Meaning? On top of your regular play, for the action junkies, you could Lay the rolled number in increments of $30 and juice the winnings on each shooter. Knocked off on that five repeater…come back with a $90 Lay and follow the numbers around the block. Easily done on electronic craps table without involving the dealers. You could start the Lay action after the fifth roll OR after you see a repeater thrown.

  4. I am curious to see how that roll works for you at the casino. What and how is that barrel roll thrown?

  5. Let me see your Barrel Roll….your Barrel Rollllllllllllllll. Haha!!

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