6 thoughts on “Craps betting strategy. 2 man pressing strategy

  1. Very clever. My variation which factors in my impatience would be play a $66 iron cross on the initial sequence. Wait for a field win and one nonfield and pull down ($22 win) or get four nonfield hits and pull down ($24 win). This way you don't have to wait for a new shooter if you went four rolls without a hit. Then stop the iron cross and go to the $66 inside bet/88 inside bet sequence and then to the 66 inside bet/110 inside bet sequence.

  2. People, just sell all your possessions, empty your bank accounts, max out all your credit cards, and take it ALL to the casino and put it across the numbers and leave it across the numbers until the shooter makes a Pass. No pressing the bets, no pulling bets down until the shooter makes the Pass. Then go and spend that profit on a Vegas weekend!!

  3. My nickname is charlie brown cause the WKS (worst case scenario) always happens to me. good video!!!!!

  4. I see see a fight a brewin breaking up the last 1$ cause ur bud doesn't have 50 cent change…..yep bound to happen.

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