Craps Betting Strategy – Hoyle’s Press – Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players

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Great for beginners very easy strategy that has a chance to win! Kind of slow but a great entry level betting method for those who are not very familiar with craps.

LET IT ROLL is for Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players that would like to learn, share or give me some advice. Its a place for all to enjoy each others knowledge and input. I will try to put a craps betting strategy tutorial up as often as possible.

I try to throw with dice control. Before I throw I set my dice or dice setting to try to become a controlled shooter. I will do my best to put live craps or real craps video on my channel when I can get away with it lol. Been asked twice to not record already.

I appreciate and respect all my subscribers and would love to see us all COLOR UP whether I can help you or you can help me either way that would be awesome!!!

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Craps Betting Strategy – Hoyle’s Press – Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – Hoyle’s Press – Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players

  1. Do you never press on your inside numbers or was this for instruction purposes only? Thanks for sharing and nice table my man.
    Edit: Sorry I should have watched the entire video before commenting. Keep the videos coming.

  2. I just subscribed and I like your video so I will stay tuned Plus what was the set point you were using I think it was 6 and 4 I'm just starting to learn dice setting do you have any videos on dice setting

  3. Do you ever just grab the dice and roll them without setting them up a certain way since it's completely random? It will save you a LOT of time in the long run.

  4. Hi there, just subscribed. Nice channel and good looking layout.
    Just real quick, this is not a true Hoyle's Press. Hoyle's Press is basically Oscar's Grind. The object of it is to Win one unit profit, then reset. So you make the same bet after a lose and increase one unit after a win but only to an amount that if won would only be a one unit win for that session. You don't always press one unit after a win. That is much more risky and not really Hoyle's Press.
    So for example if you lose three in a row you would be down three units. Your next bet would remain at one unit. If you win that bet you are down two units for the session and your next bet would be two units. If you win the two unit bet you would be even so your next bet would be one unit not three units. So, even though you won you would decrease your bet because the goal is to only win a one unit profit per session. Once you win that one unit profit then you reset back down to the starting one unit bet. Another example, say you win the first bet in the session. Then that session is complete. You don't increase your bet you stay at the same bet because you won a one unit profit. So, a little more involved than what you explain but actually way more effective because you are not increasing as fast. Harder to beat. And as the name suggests a true Grind.
    Last thing, it really doesn't matter where you place your bet after a win or loss as long as you follow the sequence of bets. Perhaps you read that on a website that suggested to switch sides. But Hoyle's Press (Oscar's Grind) is usually played by betting the same side. The idea behind this theory is to bet less when one side is losing and then recoup your losses by betting slightly more when that side goes on a winning streak. So some of it depends on what logic you believe in as far as bet selection (where to place your next bet).
    Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who wants to play a true Oscar's Grind type of method. Played correctly it is a grind but very very hard to beat.

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