Craps Betting Strategy- You Can’t Make a Living…..pt2

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Craps Betting Strategy- You Can’t Make a Living…..pt2, Craps Betting Strategy, CK Dangerous Arm Craps, we are finishing up in this Video total profits, how many rolls etc.
This is a really good info video talking about craps gang. Don’t miss this one!!!

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Craps Betting Strategy- You Can’t Make a Living…..pt2

9 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy- You Can’t Make a Living…..pt2

  1. Yea alittle bit heated hear with the camera situation.
    Well this is the finish for this video, sorry about the language yaw. Really good talking craps info in this video,
    Thanks for viewing guys
    Keep Rollin and keep pulling your money down
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. Lol I wondered why the last vid ended so suddenly… This part was pretty good too though.

  3. Good morning, actually its about money when it concerns the these gentlemen you are referring to ck, consider this, they sell a hope, a dream and a easy way to prosper right? You and bt promote good ole fashion hard work, acountability and discipline. Google makes money on these dream pushers bcuz of advertising profits. Its all about the money bro. Plus I would think its possible that the casinos could have a hand in all this, you and bt are a direct threat to their bottom line, Jesus had an inner circle, the 12 disciples, a gathering and then the multitude, the very last group really just wanted the provisions he could give them. Dont sweat it, people see your style when they see us doing it live. Aadcck, peace out

  4. love your recent videos CK! along with dice control, i like how you mention bet control. lots of shooters throw away earnings by tossing chips in the center and poof gone! craps is a math game where SELF control (dice control + bet control + emotional control) will get you profits! keep your awesome videos coming brother!

  5. Sounded like you got tired and started winding down. However, great information and an excellent throw. If you always kill those 6's like that on this throw, that is your money maker. Great video CK Dangerous Arm!

  6. Thanks CK. Another impressive throw demonstration. I really enjoy watching your videos and then trying some of your different throws. Keep em rolling!

  7. Atlantis in Reno is the home of the long roll. They have long roll competitions. Some casinos have the attitude of for every wise guy ten suckers follow.

  8. Long time viewer/subscriber first time commenter. I just wanted to say that I also enjoy viewing the "probability" craps videos. I watch you and BT to learn throwing techniques and what to do when I am shooting. I enjoy the other videos to think about strategies for when others are shooting. Thanks for all you do and keep 'em coming.

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