6 thoughts on “Craps crazy iron cross craps strategy

  1. Great rolls for me Crappy, until you finally caught me with the next to last 7 out. The only loss I had. I had my 8 pressed up to $900 and had $1220 on the board when it caught up to me. Still made $780 profit. I owe the success to my latest strategy to you for showing off the tower and I incorporated it into my 5, 9, 11 Go strategy and it is a nice fit. Thanks for what you do and keep up the great work!

  2. Loving the improvements to it and I have been playing the 5 as well. thing
    I have changed is collecting on the first field hit to reduce risk to $15 after 2 hits.
    Great first throw. Love the double with the Aces. Liking the half press and the name is great. It is very hit or miss I am finding with out the early collect. Good profit in my books.

  3. A varition of the iron cros stratigy is 2 units on all the plase numbers and 1 in the fild. I dont have it working on the come out the goal is to get the same number to hit 3 times or a totel of 5 hits i would play on a 5 $ table if a fild non place hits pick a fild plas number to ad the winnings to and on a plas number hit add up to the max you can froom the winnings and collect the rest it could also be plade in 3 to 2 and 5 to 3 raito and when the same number hits 3 times or a total of 5 hits regres back down to the base bet i call it the 69 3 5 tack down i would like you to test it and shout me out as jonmadcat sorry for the bad spelling

  4. Thanks Larry and Anthony, I nearly didn’t watch this because I am not normally a fan of iron cross strategies, but this is the best variation of the iron cross concept I have seen. I would probably add a don’t pass to protect against the early seven, then take it down once your initial outlay is recovered.

  5. DAMN, had to try this one out!! If I would have kept adding to the 5 6 8, instead of starting over, I'd probably of been in the thousands using this on my last roll🙏👍 Thank you so much, and can't wait to check out some of your other methods 😜👌

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