Craps – Crazy Winning Strategy – The Hippity Hoppin Hammer

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There’s literally a zero percent chance that this strategy is any good. Good fun maybe, but let’s just tune in and see how fast old Johnny can lose a few grand, shall we?

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Craps – Crazy Winning Strategy – The Hippity Hoppin Hammer

6 thoughts on “Craps – Crazy Winning Strategy – The Hippity Hoppin Hammer

  1. Was really enjoying the conversation about laying a larger amount. You guys almost exactly cracked the code. It’s a flawed way to think about any bet in terms of how often it wins or loses. What matters is the loss amount multiplied by the loss probability.

    You guys were right on top of it. And then I blinked and everything went back to astrology 🙄. Feeling out tables and noticing whether people are making a lot of points and such.

    So close.

  2. John you should do all those strategies for a month at the same time ! You and Vince partner up to set it up !

  3. This is a great discussion on protecting bets. It’s just too hard if not impossible to come back from a hit on a large hedge. I have learned the hard way not to lay 4&10 to hedge my across bets. Thanks for the Great work guys.

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