Craps! Easy Lay Strategy.

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I know a lot of people wont like this because of the dreaded ” Martingale ” But this is a very consistent strategy and will be profitable far more often than not.

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Craps! Easy Lay Strategy.

10 thoughts on “Craps! Easy Lay Strategy.

  1. What about laying all 6 numbers for $30 each and double on any numbers hit, then when a 7 hits, collect on all 6 numbers?

  2. Thanks Jacob, that was another idea that we can add to our toolbox. It’s probably not something I would use very often, but never say never. Chasing plays are not my preference, but I do like having an understanding of how they work as well as the pro’s and con’s before I consider using them. Cheers. Rob

  3. If you roll 1000 times you are likely to roll about 80 10s, 25 or so would probably be hard, and you would probably see 160 or so 7s. Lately playing against the 10, 80% of the time it has come in 6-4 before a 7 or hard 10. How is this possible?

    I wanted to test it without any distractions. I had 200 bucks to play with so I laid the 10 for 20, played the hard ten for 5, and didn't play anything else. I just wanted to see what would happen with 6 ways to win 5 bucks, one way to win 15, and 2 ways to lose. One hard 10, couple of 7s, bunch of 6-4s. I lost some money but gained some insight.

    Three things could have happened. Either I played while the probability was shifted, the dice were not happy with me, or the game is rigged and the casino doesn't like me.

    Anyway, Thanks Jacob!

  4. Thanks Jacob. Until I can get some consistency in my toss this will be my go-to strategy. I adjusted the lays to 30-69 (my favorite number) -177-450 ($300 max bet at my local). $750 bank roll min and max loss amount.

  5. I like lay bets. Choppy table, this is a good bet. I'll wait till maybe 4 rolls, then lay 5 or 9 usually. I think you're right, you'll win much more than you'll lose. Another good vid Jacob. Your commentary was on the money. Glad to see you hit a bunch of 5 s. That can happen on any given day. After watching this, I may never lay the 4 again! Lol Boy, I never saw so many 4s!

  6. Just started playing about a month ago and luckily found your YouTube channel. I’ve been using the Don’t with some success and have ran this on Wizard a few times with some success. I don’t have the bankroll to play this in a casino but might try it on the Bubble craps sometime.
    Thanks Jacob for your vids. You show folks some different ways to play than just pass line and 3 point Make us think a little

  7. I literally came here from one of your other videos where you are following repeaters with lay bets. Those 3, 8’s are exactly what you’re avoiding as you’d follow the second with the lay. Interesting to see it here after watching that video. My first thought after the second 8 showed up was, lay the 8 lol

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