Craps Hard Way Harvest | Dice Betting Strategy

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Craps Hard Way Harvest | Dice Betting Strategy is a new video in the dice advice series where viewers submit their favorite strategies. I explain the strategy and do a live roll testing out the craps betting strategy. Todays strategy is called the Hard Way Harvester, it utilizes the hard way craps bets, the field bet as well as place bet on the five.

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Craps Hard Way Harvest | Dice Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “Craps Hard Way Harvest | Dice Betting Strategy

  1. Would seem more profitable, if at all, to just place a horn bet instead of a field bet. Only numbers not covered in horn is 4, 9 and 10, but if the 2, 3, 11, or 12 hit the winnings are 3 times more than straight field bet. I mean you lose if regular 4 and 10 roll so there is no "wash" but if you hit horn you can always increase bet by 5 more, and again, win way more than straight field bet. I always keep to myself when someone tosses money in field and screams when 2 and 12 hit, and they don't realize how much more they would have won putting it in the horn. Either way, both are sucker bets, I prefer to win more risking it on a horn sucker bet though. Just my opinion.

  2. Your videos have been a great resource for me so thank you.

    Why are the places bets "on" even before the point is established? I thought all hardways and placed bets are off until the point is established.

  3. As many said below, decent strat but the $25 on the 6&8 would go further than on the 5. It can cover your hard way or field bet loss!. just found the channel , super huge fan of craps thanks for the video!

  4. you only rolled one 5 that whole time. i think the strategy is great if you can just roll even a couple more 5's

  5. Yeah nope, this strategy is way to risky. I only bet hardware on 6 and 8 when 6 and 8 is my piont.

  6. Are there any $5 tables in vegas right now. Was just there a few weeks ago and lowest I saw was $15. Going again in the end of April and would like to play on a $5 table

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