Craps Players Dice Setting on Electronic Table

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This is a strategy I use a lot when I just need time at table. This day many of the players were dice setting. Does dice setting work on the electronic dice table?
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Craps Players Dice Setting on Electronic Table

10 thoughts on “Craps Players Dice Setting on Electronic Table

  1. Couple of quick comments if you're looking for some feedback.

    1–I'd rather watch action on a RTW table than a felt table as I've played on felt for 50+ years and the RTW is new a fascinating to me. (I stuck around for the end.)

    2–Enjoyed the switching between the views from your screen to the table.

    3–During some of the slow time you might run over the extraneous buttons. I know you've shown these before, but like the button you told the lady about that tells the dealer you pass the dice. I'd like to again see where that's accessed.

    Enjoy your presentations and you can see by the number of views in a short time I'm not alone.

  2. Was hoping you’d feel comfortable backing up some of those come bets with odds. Slow play but it was interesting for sure.

  3. I do love seeing this table but live rolls are a bit slow for me. It really does show the difference when you are doing your practice rolls how long 24 rolls actually is. You'll rock out 50+ in a strategy video that's half as long as this. I still think this is a good video to show how this works and even better if you have an awesome roll on the table.

    I'd like to see you do an aggressive strat at one of these tables.

  4. For me, it's the 3 point Molly. Take the first 3 wins to break even then add odds.
    I know the don't has better odds… 0.05% better.
    But when you bet odds on the dont, you have to bet more to win less. I'd rather bet less to win more.
    The casino has an unlimited bank roll to take shots at your limited bankroll. They want to run you out of money. When you bet more to win less, they take a larger shot at your bankroll.
    Plus, 1 out of 3 rolls on the come out determine win or loss. On the don't you are at a 2:1 disadvantage. On the pass/come, you are at a 2:1 advantage.

  5. Love the live rolls. Don't worry about the slower pacing. We can turn youtube up to 1.25x speed to make up the difference.

  6. Great educational video but for a playing strategy, IDK. I see you came in on Roll 12-13, but she rolled another 15 times and to only making $1.00 profit isn't as aggressive as I would of played. Dice setting works a little more in your favor here. I used the Hardway Ten set or 2-V set and was able to roll outside and horn numbers a lot. Avg about 22 rolls out of 6 times shooting each time with that set.

  7. I love watching live play, and I especially your live play since you keep track of your winnings and strategy. Other channels lack this key feature that makes it uninteresting and I don't learn anything.

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