Craps Pressing Strategy: Just 3 hits and win $200!

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Here’s a quick way to make $200 on any number and bring back 2 Blacks into your rack. I’m still testing it out so what better way than to try it out my HCS virtual shooter Craps table with 10 random rollers. Let’s see how this strategy does. Will it make it or break it?

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“May the Dice be Nice!”

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Craps Pressing Strategy: Just 3 hits and win $200!

4 thoughts on “Craps Pressing Strategy: Just 3 hits and win $200!

  1. Hey Bryan, great strategy! I think this will work best if you have a crew of dice setters, for someone's bound to get hot.

    Ironically, when I was developing my Repeater's Regression strategy, I was thinking about doing something like a 160 across (if you were on a $15 table), for one thing I don't like about the strategy I developed is the fact that you always miss the first roll of a number. My strategy was an attempt to lower the risk.

    Your strategy is a great one to have in one's arsenal too. Great video! โ˜บ

  2. I like the strategy but, when I saw the trend with Chad, AND I was ahead, I would've considered power press of parlay on every 6 after 3rd time.

    I'm sure I can get burned more so than anything else, it's better than $165 bet per shooter on PSO.

  3. Another awesome video Mr Money Shot. My strategy is to buy in for $2000. I play $440 inside for 3-5 hits then come down to table minimum so I can practice my rolling with very little at risk after hitting my money shot. I give myself 4 bullets of $440 which I believe is all I need to be profitable. After making my money shot of 3-5 hits, I can press or same bet or whatever I want. Iโ€™ll be doing it in November when I get there. I practice on my ntโ€™s casino table which is strictly for practice only. You should try and roll it out at home and see how profitable it can be especially for dice influenced rollers.

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