9 thoughts on “Craps regression and hedge on sweet 49 craps strategy

  1. Only if you win or in advance but not if you turn off , you get your vig back if paid in advance and take it down

  2. Larry, You pay the vig up front. It lasts as long as the bet is up (on or off). Once the bet wins or loses, you have to pay another vig if you want it up again. If you take the bet DOWN, they give you your vig back.

  3. I’m thinking a don’t pass bet may work out better than laying the 4/10…..laying 4 for $200 pays $100 or losses the $200….DP for $200 pays $200 and also losses $200 if the point is hit…..just my thoughts on seeing the lay 4 getting hit

  4. Using the cold table strategy if the come out roll is a 5 or 9 do you still place the 5 or 9 if your on the don't pass line

  5. Thanks Larry, a good solid low risk strategy. I like that the lay 4 is only at risk for two hits and you lock in the profits as soon as you are in front. Sure if you were willing to extend your exposure for longer you could win more on a good run, but you could get wiped out on a bad run, so I prefer the more conservative approach you take. Cheers

  6. I think at the very start, if you just went with $110 inside and had it all working you’d increase your profit on the whole. Once the point is established, add the $42 to get to your sweet 49 setup. It would just eliminate that feeling that the first roll

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