9 thoughts on “Craps Shooters Strategy New Winning Grip| TALK Major Info| HOW TO WIN SECRETS

  1. Yea I was playing last Friday & colored up my chips & one of the dealers were like "that's it??" I said "Yup & you can't pull that one on me, this is my money that I earned." I can't believe they always try to throw that guilt trip bad lolll.

  2. Another great video ck can't wait to try it. I'm a rookie soaking this bad in and I tell ya I've already seen improvement in my game thanks to u…holla

  3. I’ve had dealers make remarks when I pull my money down like “ come on man, nobody like a quitter”. Cool video CK. You have such a smooth toss, it’s awesome. Thanks again for the knowledge.

  4. Mr. CK Dangerous Arm. This set is boss! After viewing this, I went to go practice this set and throw in the garage. Remembering, that I am a one hit wonder, lol, looking for Bone Throwers Holy Grail. But I digress. Son, I just threw a 46 on a hard table. So, just so you know, it works on a bouncy and hard table. Way to go CK! Winning Secrets! Great Video!

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