Craps Strategy #12 Tower of Babel

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Craps Strategy #12 Tower of Babel is a low risk, high possible return. If the tower gets big enough, you can definitely make some money. Place Bets, Field Bets 5 or 9 Tower.

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Craps Strategy #12 Tower of Babel

2 thoughts on “Craps Strategy #12 Tower of Babel

  1. Good video I figured u might press the 6 or 8 instead of 5 everytime the field hits since the odds are btr 6 or 8

  2. you could simplify your payout a bit. when you roll a 6 or 8, you simply payout 25 and call the field off and on. that way you aren't moving so many chips back and forth from the bank to the felt.
    otherwise, solid system. i do understand the verbose payout for those not familiar with the game, though.
    you may want to set up a back wall to throw against to better simulate an actual casino table.

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