6 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – 5/1 5/3 ( 2v ) Middle Finger Single Finger Grip n Throw

  1. Hey gang , Good Friday to ya! This is a throw I've been working on and it really is nice. We are using a 2v 5/1 5/3 dice set turning the hand over getting a Twisted throw and landing in the Sweet Spot 2 inches From the wall. There are multiple Variations to this Throw.
    Another killer throw for the Dangerous Crew.
    Thanks for viewing guys Keep Rollin
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. You will c me get on a string on the come out in this Video. This is why I don't work Come outs Everytime.
    CK Dangerous

  3. CK, I'm very glad you're back to the low angle with the camera! It's so much cleaner to see and it feels like I'm right in the action! Keep up the great training brother!

  4. Young man, you have said your not a teacher, I beg to differ with you, I have commented frequently here and can say with 100% conviction that your more than a teacher, your an master artist that paints a moving fluid masterpiece right in front of us explaining the dynamics of the throw as you go. Much respect Sir. CK, your truly amazing.

  5. C K thanks again for the video,Wife and I are going to the casino 4-22-18 going to spend the night and hopefully i can find the table with 2-3 people ,instead of 10-14 people,going to bring tool bag of tools and try to pace myself on discipline at the table,will give you a report next Friday,thanks again

  6. another banger from the man CT! good video. I also have had working come outs gone wrong. lately I have been working them to some success but we all know that's never a guarantee. checkout my channel sometime. I have some good videos and need subscribers. both bone thrower and yourself have helped elevate my game. thanks

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