Craps Strategy Battle: Full Degen, or Discipline

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We have this debate all the time. Better to just go for it or have an actual financial approach.

Even the math guys disagree on this one โ€ฆ

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Craps Strategy Battle: Full Degen, or Discipline

2 thoughts on “Craps Strategy Battle: Full Degen, or Discipline

  1. John, your just playing mathematically. As a fellow mathematician, I agree that "your gonna lose, your gonna lose" (League of Their Own reference). BUT, I apply a little psychology to my Right Side play. I'm not a greedy player and I play often. I take a little win ($300 – $500) and leave. If I take an early loss, I'll modify my strategy (something you can't program) and get out with a $50 – $150 gain. You have to believe me when I tell you that I can't remember the last time that I had a losing session. I play with a $400 bankroll. I have never lost it all because I refuse to do so. That's my discipline and part of my story. P.S. I'm a Big Fan.

  2. I agree with you John . This thing canโ€t be beaten .

    I looked at some comments I posted a year ago , and I was so green . I have tried all these strategies , and they will not work in the long run .

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