10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Dice Control REAL OR FAKE ? | OFF 7 SET , Reliable Throws

  1. I used it on a super bouncy table with the stacked grip an i had several good throwing session at the casino in indiana it was two guys that joined the table i was on an bought in for 5gs i threw 5 sessions in the 18-20s 1session in the mid 30s an 3 short rolls 4-8 rolls it was a crapless table with the small all tall….

  2. Would u make a video about bubble craps Vs live craps or just don't play nothing computerized?

  3. Beautiful flag, it never gets old, I would have died to defend my country's flag, appreciate your patriotism and clear mind on thinking in a logical open minded way ck concerning our country, as for the unfair to the casino dice sets and rolls, people they work if you put in the work to master them. Isnt it sad that a professional basket ball player can spend all his time honing his skill and some craps players want to skip the hard work called practice them attack the very people who out of kindness share their knowledge with the rest of us. I used the 54 24, and the 24 64 easy throw to humble the casino 2 days in a row. Practice brothers, it will pay off big time. The only way you can lose brothers is to believe the hype that this stuff aint real, practice and eat the friuts of success. Thank you ck the great, much love and respect SIR.

  4. Humm, people, my brothers, their is only ONE dangerous arm ck, but if you will take heed, listen, learn, incorporate into your game this mans insite and style and with the same desire to pratice, we can be "armed and dangerous casino craps killers"

  5. i love the craps philosophy and also different dice sets. but i truly love the american flag and real talk! keep it up

  6. Wow update on haters. I just saw one of Bone Throwers main haters, in the dice setters fb group, just admit he's too scared to bet all tall and small. Hahaha

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