Craps strategy. Don’t + odds, 2 come bets. 6 and 8 variation

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For wagermethis merchandise check out Here I dont take the 6 and 8 as dont points, I instead hedge them with a place bet.

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Craps strategy.  Don’t + odds, 2 come bets. 6 and 8 variation

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Don’t + odds, 2 come bets. 6 and 8 variation

  1. Some casino's don't allow a do and a don't on the same number, so you can just pass the action on any don't come/don't pass. As you know it's the same as you still have to dodge the 7/11 in either case. I think Roman needs a friend badly. Thanks for the video.

  2. Like @555 said “what’s not to like about it”! I get beat up on Point 7 and point number 7 quite often and this profits from it most times….it may be old but this is the first time I’ve seen it

  3. I think a good way to counteract Comes that go to the 4&10 is to put $0 odds on them, go $50 odds when the Come is on the 6&8 and $25 odds when it’s on the 5&9 – just a theory

  4. So i went and got lumped up and left, they were so busy I sold my losing spot for 50 bucks on the way out to boot. Lol

  5. I think placing the 6 and 8 is a reasonable idea especially since when you're adding odds to the don't it will hurt. In a practice session I kept rolling six and eight and got knocked off the don't at least 8 times back to back. Enough to give up playing the don't altogether. Hedging hr 6/8 until you get a 5/9 or 4/10 would have helped.

    I also think delaying laying odds until you get a come bet with odds established can reduce some risk (and reward), and also only adding half the odds on the first come, and then full odds once the two come bets are established.

  6. At 2:47 you had the Lay odds working. Why not have the Come odds work as well? After all, you are protecting them with the Lay odds.

  7. If you are worried about losing The $150 lay odds, you can always delay putting the money out. Wait until you have one Come bet established then put out $75; after the second Come bet is established, drop the extra $75 Lay odds for a total of $150. When a Come bet wins, you can reduce to $75 in lay odds and drop another Come bet. After established, back up to $150 in Lay odds. I know the odds are in your favor to win the DP Odds bet, but if you are squeamish. . .

  8. Another variation would be to take the Lay odds down after three or four wins and just keep playing the Come with odds since you are in profit mode and would only be "reinvesting" your wins into new Come bets with odds. Collecting an extra $25 on the "Last Come Gets Some". This alternative would be if you have a real "shooter" all of a sudden!

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