10 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Don’t pass inside 56 hit & pull part 1

  1. Back again. Tried this strategy at the Casino. Was around even playing my normal strategy, so I though I would try it. As you said, high risk; three come out sevens in a row, followed by three seven outs after one or two rolls. Down about $150. Extreme example, so use sparingly. Will work on my own tweeks. Videos are enjoyable and l like the different strategies.

  2. I used a variation of this strategy last night at the craps table. Started with a $300 bankroll. I was playing $35 Don't Pass and $44 inside. I let three place bets hit then turned them all off and rode it out for the seven to come. I grinded just over $300 profit in about two hours. It was a fairly cold table overall so there were plenty of times where a seven out came right after the point was established, resulting in a net loss for that shooter, but it worked itself out over the course of the two hours. Even got in the hole pretty quick with a shooter hitting 3 come out sevens in a row and this strategy brought me back to positive. I bet the same for every single shooter and didn't place any bets other than Don't Pass and $44 inside. It is definitely a low risk grind strategy, but it seems like it could be profitable for the most part. I'll use this strategy until it doesn't work lol. Thanks for the video!

  3. Nice consistent strategy with a wrinkle or two (like the Iron Cross or a come bet).  Wonderfully clear video in close up.   Appreciate the careful explanation on this strategy.

  4. After watching just the 1st nine minutes , I would have stopped betting the Don't Pass and just went with the shooter.
    Thanks for video, I enjoy watching all ideas.

  5. Thanks. im strictly a wrong player. i cant tell you how many times ive been knocked off by 7 11 on the come out. Dont you think you should hedge the 30 dp come out? also how would you thanks

  6. The come out 7;s and 11's will kill you on the don't pass if you don't hedge your don't pass bet. I don't worry about the 11 on the come out roll, but I put a hedge against the seven of $1 for every $5 that I have on the don't pass.

  7. I often hop the 7's on that come out roll if I'm betting that large amount like $25 or $30. So you can hop the 7's for $6 and have $2 on each one of them, if a 7's pops you get $15(2)= $30 minus $2 on the other 7 combinations that didn't win. Sometimes just give up a $1 on the yo. What really bad is when a 12 shows and you have just thrown away $6 or $7 and didn't get bad on the Don't Pass., that's the worst. I think it's very wise to parlay your Don't Pass(leave the entire thing) if you win it right away with a 2 or a 3. Remember, that wager pays even money as opposed to an additional odds bet behind any of the numbers on the Don't side. Once the point is established the odds are in your favor over the long run: obviously you will never win them all but you should win most of them. Unless of course you happen to be the most unluckiest person in the world. Mathematically, you should win MOST of them.

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